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Ford Everest


Ford Everest

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The Ford Everest is ideal for conquering the Cape Town traffic or the bumpy South African terrain. It is a rugged off-road vehicle and luxurious 7-seater at the same time. An outstanding SUV with the comfort and convenience of a car, and the off-road driving ability and safety of a Ford Tough truck. The Ford Everest Cape Town is a popular Ford vehicle. well suited to the local lifestyle. The Ford Everest is ready for you to test drive today at our Ford Dealership Cape Town located in the Southern Suburbs, Claremont.

Everest Pricing

EVEREST 2.2 TDCi XLS 6MT 2WDR459 900 incl VAT
EVEREST 2.2 TDCi XLS 6AT 2WDR 477 900 incl VAT
EVEREST 2.2 TDCi XLT 6MT 2WDR494 900 incl VAT
EVEREST 2.2 TDCi XLT 6AT 2WDR 514 900 incl VAT
EVEREST 2.2 TDCi XLS 6MT 4WDR 544 900 incl VAT
Everest 3.2 TDCi XLT 6AT 2WDR575 900 incl VAT
3.2 TDCi XLT 4X4 6AT 2015 modelR645 900 incl VAT
3.2 TDCi Limited 4X4 6AT modelR 706 900 incl VAT

Pre-Owned Everest

YearSub ModelSpecificationMileagePrice
2016Stock # 3748 2016 3.2 Ford EVEREST LTD 4x4 65,000Km65000R479,995
2018Stock no 3730 - Year Model 2018 2.2 EVEREST XLS 4X4 -Mileage 100 kms - Price R429995.00 wac date 31.8.2018 MMCode 22089520100R429,995
2017STOCK 3592 - Year Model 2017 EVEREST 3.2 LTD - Mileage 35000 KMS - Price R52999535000R529,995
2017stock 3590 - Year Model 2017 EVEREST LTD - Mileage 19000 KMS - Price R539995 MMCode 2208969019000R539,995

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