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New Ford EcoSport


Ford EcoSport

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View the New Ford EcoSport Cape Town at Mekor Ford in Claremont.  The new Ford EcoSport is extremely practical, spacious and great value! The biggest attraction about the Ford EcoSport is its fuel efficiency. With options of a 1.5 litre petrol and diesel engine and the winner of the ‘International Engine of the Year’ for two years running, 1 litre EcoBoost engine! Small enough to ease your way through the city streets but is also big enough to take out on adventures. The Ford EcoSport, everything you could want for an urban SUV in Cape Town!

EcoSport Pricing

Titanium A/TR339 900 incl VAT
Titanium M/TR327 800 incl VAT
Trend A/TR300 700 incl VAT
Trend M/TR287 500 incl VAT
AmbienteR264 500 incl VAT
1.5 Titanium PowershiftR311 900 incl VAT
1.5 Titanium PowershiftR315 900 incl VAT
1.0 Ecoboost TitaniumR310 900 incl VAT
1.5 TDCI Trend 74KWR286 900 incl VAT
1.0 Ecoboost TrendR283 900 incl VAT
1.5 AmbienteR255 400 incl VAT
1.5TDCi TitaniumR311 900
1.0 GTDi TitaniumR296 900
1.0 GTDi TrendR273 900
1.5 TiVCT Titanium Powershift AutoR299 900
1.5TDCi TrendR286 900
1.5 TiVCT AmbienteR239 900

Pre-Owned EcoSport

YearSub ModelSpecificationMileagePrice
2017Stock no 3465 - Year Model 2017 Ecosport 1.5 Ambient Mars Red - Mileage 31000km - Price R199995 m&m code 2204830031000R199,995
2015Stock no 3458 - Year Model 2015 Ecosport 1.0i Titanuim - Mileage 56000km - Price R209995 MMCode 2204814056000R209,995
2017Stock no 3384 - Year model 2017 Ecosport 1.5i Ambient - Mileage 21000km - Price R209995 MMCode 2204830021000R209,995
2016Stock no 3323 - Year model 2016 Ecosport 1.5i Automatic Titanium - 42000km - R229995 - mm code 2204838142000R229,995

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