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Ford Ranger Super Cab

Ford Ranger Super CabFord Ranger Super Cab

Ford Ranger Super Cab

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The new Ford Ranger Super Cab’s elongated wheel base gives you, the driver, more space all over. Along with the rear door that opens towards the back, access inside becomes so much easier when loading long and large objects. The Ford Ranger is known for its loading and storage space with a huge rear cab as well as two covered compartments in the floor behind the seats. If what we say doesn’t “wow” you then come in and try a Ford Ranger out for yourself in Cape Town today and prepare to be left speechless.

Ranger Super Cab Pricing

2.2 TDCi Super Cab XLS 4x4 6ATR482,900
2.2 TDCi Super Cab XLS 4x2 6ATR420,900
2.2 TDCi Super Cab XL 4x2 6ATR366,900
2.5i XL HR 5MT Super cabR277,900
2.2D 110kW XL HR Super cabR319,900
3.2 XLS 4x4 6AT Super Cab DieselR455,900
3.2 XLS 4x4 6MT Super Cab DieselR441,900
3.2 XLS HR 6MT Super Cab DieselR392,900

Pre-Owned Ranger Super Cab

YearSub ModelSpecificationMileagePrice
20131.6 A/C94000R104,995
20131.4t Enjoy47000R159,995
20161.4i Amb18000R189,995
20152.5DiD 4x278000R249,995
20162016 Fiesta 1.4i Amb 14000km white R18999514000R189,995
2013Supercab 3.2 xls 4x480000R289,995
20161.0 Amb SWB10000R229,995
Petrol2.0 GLS92000R169,995
20122012 Figo 1.4D Amb 118000km R99995118000R99,995
20131.6 Turbo Ambiente59000R199,995
20141.6i Trend 4x2 Man53000R249,995
20173.2 TDCI100R539995.00 (Subject To Ford Credit)
20171.6 ST 6MT 3DR100R309 995.00 (Subject To Ford Credit)
20172.3 RS100R699995.00 (Subject to Ford Credit)
20172.0 ECOBOOST ST3 6MT 5DR100R439900.00 (Subject to Ford Credit )
20122.0i Active80000R199,995
20141.4i AC79000R139,995
2009KB250D-TEQ LE 4X4 Dcab189000R169,995
20161.5T AT Amb 132KW16500R309 995.00
20113.0 D4D 4x2 Manual95000R259 995.00
20162.3 Ecoboost500R629,995
20171.0 trend800R209 995.00
20132.0D Trend AT with Tow Bar125000R249 995.00
20132.2 XLS 4x4134000R299 995.00
20143.2 XLT 4x256000R379 995.00
20121.4 Fluid69000R129 995.00
20122.0 (main pic example)106000R129,995
2012A3 1.8 TFSi Ambition Sportback92000R189 995.00
20161.0 Titanium Manual12000R269 995.00
2013Romeo 1.8 TBI Progression40000R199 995.00
20141.6 Turbo Ambiente30000R219,995
2012****Picture is an example**** 1.5 Elegance81000R129 995.00
20141.0 Titanium63000R229 995.00
20161.5 TDCi Trend6000R219,995
20162.2 Single Cab17000R309 995.00
20161.5 Petrol Ambiente Automatic6000R349 995.00
2016*** DEMO *** 1.5 Diesel Trend5000R225 995.00
2016Fiesta 1.5 TDCi *** DEMO ***10000R219 995.00
20142.0d Auto Exclusive61000R459 995.00
20161.5 Ambiente12000R219 995.00
20161.0 EcoBoost Trend9000R229 995.00
2016*** DEMO ***26000R249 995.00
20101.6 LS92000R84 995.00
20143.2 XLT DC116000R329,995
20161.0 Automatic Ambiente ***DEMO***9000R199,995
20024.2TD AT VX310000R199,995
20121.3i XL91000R104,995
20122.4 GLS Automatic87000R169 995.00
20152.0 LTD33000R269 995.00
20162.2D XLT 4x232000R399 995.00
20152015 FORD RANGER SUPERCAB 3.2D XLS27000R319,995
20102010 BMW 125i AT Cabriolet71000R239 995.00
2016Hatch2016 Fiesta 1.0i Ecoboost AT Amb10500R209,995
2014Super Cab2014 Ranger 3.2D XLS106000R259,995
20142014 Ecosport 1.5D Titanium81000R229,995
20162016 Honda NC750 X4100R79,995
20142014 Ranger 3.2 XLT 4x2 D/C Automatic57000R379,995
20142014 Mazda 5 2.0 Original68000R189,995
2014Mazda 5 2.0 Original34000R199,995
2014Mazda 5 2.0 Original47000R196,995
2014Mazda 5 2.0 Original69000R189,995
2014Mazda 5 2.0 Original63000R193,995
2014Mazda 5 2.0 Original57000R195,995
2015Double CabFORD RANGER 3.2D XLT 4X4 D/C26000R469,995
2012Audi A4 1.8T61000R224,995
2012Kia Cerato 1.6i 4Dr127000R129,995
2012Honda CRV 2.2-dtec Exclusive89000R239,995